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Our Team


javier nuin ceo collegi creanova el equipo 1Javier Nuin Zuñiga
CEO - Grup CreaNova Concept.
Creator and driver of projects where individual's potential and cooperative work can be developed, based on the "potential is unlimited" vision.
My mission is to lead CreaNova project, innovating, creating new resources, adapting and expanding the offer in the areas of formal and non-formal education, developing innovative ideas on social, technology and art.
Together with "la presi", I am in charge of maintaining the Group's Values, finding coherence (union of heart and reason) in each small action. It's not always easy.
I coordinate all the Group's projects. I'm the "thinking head", as well as the person in charge of the whole team. I'm not bored.
Born entrepreneur, visionary, versatile and simple. I have extensive training in very diverse fields such as Healthcare, Human Resources, Quality, Management and creation of several companies, Controller, Aeronautics, Adult Education, Active Pedagogy and direct teaching at all stages, which is now reflected in all the Group's projects.
I apply in CreaNova everything I've learned and experienced in these fields but, above all, I have a large CV of previous failures, which are the true master.


luis pascual collegi creanova el equipo 1Lluís Pascual

Management advisor.
I have a degree in Physics and Executive M.B.A from Esade.
I'm part of the Board of Directors of large and medium companies.
What moves me to lead a project is not its size: it's the passion and involvement its teams have in it.
I think happiness lies in little things.
I am restless, needing challenges to feel alive.
Together we can achieve a better world by smiling more and changing our attitude in our little acts of everyday life.
Education is very important but we must not forget that the first years of our children will mark their entire lives, it's our responsibility to teach them to be happy and responsible.

olga arnedo presidenta collegi creanova el equipo 1Olga Arnedo González

Manager of “Col·legi CreaNova Sant Cugat”.
My Mission is to represent Col·legi CreaNova Sant Cugat and be attentive to everything and everyone to carry out the pedagogical proposal that we offer.
I coordinate the teaching function and the relationship with students and families, ensuring that they are heard, respected and finding solutions. I also contribute with my experience in teaching materials and Learning by Doing.
I land in education, from academic success, wanting to change the way we learn. I trained in Health and later in Active Pedagogy. I have a wide CV of experiences, which gave me the know-how I now apply in CreaNova.


francesco roncaglia marketing collegi creanova el equipo 2Francesco Roncaglia

Marketing&Communication. Consultant of Group CreaNova Concept.
I bring the critical eye, the image, the creativity and all the communication in every document, communication, graphic, image and decision. I do not just elaborate, digest and help to transmit everything concerning the Group's projects, but I also participate as a consultant for the Group.
Reflective, self-taught and passionate about life. Graduated in Economics and Business with specialization in International Marketing in Italy. Designer and web developer, I manage a communication&marketing agency.
Italian teacher and president of the cultural association ItaliaTxiki Elkartea



elisabet hernandez administracion collegi creanova el equipo 1

Elisabet Hernández 
Administration Department and  Academic Secretariat.
Responsible, methodical, restless, eager to grow and develop new ideas. I don't stop until I find the formula that allows everything to work efficiently, quickly and creatively.
I studied Fine Arts, with vocation of service, and a student of psychology. With a long trajectory and extensive development in the field of administration, I'm prepared to coordinate and manage several resources at once. In addition to attending to the administrative and formal needs of the Group, I actively participate in the CreaNova family and the management team.
Like everyone else, very creative, and although I don't have time to spare, I find moments to create new things and innovate.
As Academic Secretary, I am responsible for organizing and keeping the department up to date and helping to keep the relationship between the school and the administration running fluently.



marta bernabe coordinadora humanidades collegi creanova el equipo 1

Marta Bernabé Bailon  
4th of ESO Tutor. High and Baccalaureate Coordinator. 
I'm trying to make sense of the word “humanities”. I coordinate the rest of CreaNova's professionals who are part of the areas of Spanish and Catalan literature, history, geography and philosophy.
I am responsible for the school's editorial staff and magazine, and I'm 4th ESO tutor. I impart master workshops in all these areas, and I always have time to answer a question, correct an exercise or listen to you.
My relationship with the students is cordial. I am a great defender of just causes and I am always looking for professionals who can contribute their point of view to enrich the everyday life of the centre.
I studied journalism and history, and I've done a few master's degrees. I'm in constant training. I try to work very hard. They say I'm tireless, like the director, and faithful to my friends and my values.


helena garcia coordinadora elementary collegi creanova el equipo 2Helena García Moya  

Inici Group Tutor. 
Throughout this academic year 2018 we have learn about different people from history who for different reasons have been a reference for humanity. One of those who most attracted the attention of Elementary pupils (3 to 10 years old) was Malala and one of her phrases: "A child, a teacher, a book and a pen can change the world. Education is the only solution". Enthused every day to be part of this great challenge, I learn to look at life through the eyes of children.
They question, better than anyone else, reality at every moment and look for authentic answers that will help them to continue one more day. Demanding and responsible for all this, I enjoy coordinating this level, creating contexts and proposals that open "windows" for them to new possibilities, new experiences, new questions to answer through their projects and researches.


laura settecase tutora collegi creanova el equipo 1Laura Settecase   

School Counsellor and Tutor. Elementary and Middle Coordinator. 
I studied pedagogy in applied arts at the University of Buenos Aires. In addition, I complemented my studies of Anthropology in Milan. As an art lover, I decided to take a Master's degree in Cultural Management and International Cooperation at the University of Barcelona.
I was also interested in different training courses on new learning methodologies.
My experience in teaching dates back more than 20 years, with primary school children, adolescents and young people. I have worked in a wide cultural diversity, developing diverse roles in education, even in territories of poor resources and extreme poverty.
I learned that the fundamental ingredients to accompany the development of childhood are love, listening and creativity. Ingredients I always carry with me.
In CreaNova I rediscovered my vocation. With enthusiasm, I'm tutor in the Middle stage and host the youngs who are no longer children in this transition phase. With empathy, great listening and communication skills. As a tutor, I offer my experience in all areas, especially linguistics, although Catalan is not my native language, possiamo parlare in Italian and Spanish. Passionate about social and emotional education, I also develop workshops on affectivity and sexuality, one of the main objectives of these workshops is to strengthen the self-esteem of young people.



deniz kizilirmak tutora eso collegi creanova el equipo 1Deniz Kizilirmak   
ESO Tutor and Humanist.
As you can see from my last name, I'm not Catalan but I can speak it perfectly, as well as English, Spanish, Turkish and German.
Sensitivity, attention, ability to concentrate and a strong love of education are my contributions to CreaNova.
Trained in architecture (Turkey) and in art history (Spain), then I got a master's degree in Medieval Cultures (Spain).
My multinational career and multicultural identity taught me to understand the world from a global and cosmopolitan point of view, which I try to transmit to our students.


laura patricio filosofia letras collegi creanova el equipo 1Laura Patricio     
Teacher of Language and Literature at ESO and Baccalaureate. 
Bachelor of philosophy and English philology, Master in literary studies, literature is my passion. With an extensive background in the coordination of literary gatherings and book clubs, as well as in the teaching of foreign languages, I came to Creanova excited to share philosophy, language and literature with young people.
With enthusiasm and love for the teenage period, It is a challenge to make students interested in the world of letters. Without emotion there is no learning, so finding the spark of motivation is always an interesting goal.
In my role as tutor, I try to accompany the academic process as much as the personal and emotional one. I design activities with the aim of teaching a specific subject at the same time that other areas are covered, thus the learning can be transversal. One of the important objectives in the decisive stage of the baccalaureate is, in my opinion, to accompany the discovery of personal motivations.



laura g garcia cassinelli artes escenicas collegi creanova el equipo 1Laura G. García Cassinelli   
Performing arts - Sensory language and poetic play.
“They say, my spaces are for personal and collective creation”…
“They say, there freedom consists in discovering”…
“They say, language spoken is sensory and poetic”...
“They say, something magical happens in the workshops: play, desire and imagination allow us to invent new scenes of life.”...
Stories and emotions seeker, heart athlete, I came to Creanova 3 years ago with a red suitcase and the desire to accompany from love the creative processes of children and teens.
Graduated in Dramatic Art, with a postgraduate degree in theatre applied to education and more than ten years in this practice, I offer students an interdisciplinary experimentation workshop, where we not only create works of art from the transversality of the subjects, but we also act by intervening in space and time to change and to get changed.



marc carrete audiovisuals collegi creanova el equipo 1Marc Carreté     
I am a producer, scriptwriter and director, member of the Catalan Film Academy.
I trained studying Image and Sound (EMAV) and graduating at ADE (CEU Abat Oliba). I made the leap to film fiction, after a long period in the field of advertising and communication. I'm author of the shorts MAL CUERPO, CASTIDERMIA and the film ASMODEXIA, premiered at the Sitges Festival and recognized with several international awards and nominations. I am promoter and co-director of SANT CUGAT FANTÁSTICO festival and in charge of the CREATURES OF THE DARK label, under which Framed (M. Martínez Jordán) and AFTER THE LETHARGY (my return to direction) were produced. Currently I make compatible the development of new cinematographic projects, with workshops and activities for the CreaNova students of Middle, High and Baccalaureate, with whom I work the audiovisual area, through my knowledge and my professional and emotional learning in the sector.



jordi dalmau musica collegi creanova el equipo 1Jordi Dalmau
At 11, I started studying music at the Municipal Music Conservatory of Barcelona, then I went deeper into modern music and I studied Piano at the Liceu Conservatory Classroom of Modern Music and Jazz.
After that, I investigated everything about electronic and experimental music on my own, combining it with Image and Sound studies.
Since twenty-five years ago I work as a composer, creating different soundtracks for feature films, TV shows, advertising, documentaries, audiovisuals for museums, and corporate videos.
In last 3 years, I started combining the work of composer with teaching, and since 2017 I'm part of CreaNova.
My idea is to provide the necessary knowledges to CreaNova students to create their own music and to produce it by themselves, using the technology we all have at our disposal.



elisabet fernandez infantil collegi creanova el equipo 1Elisabet Fernández
P3 to P5 Tutor.
Graduated in Tourism and Early Childhood Education, I am tutor of the Inici group (P3 to P5). I've been training in CreaNova and I fell in love with the environment, the philosophy and the energy that it transmits. Full of hope and strength for this adventure, full of new learnings, new challenges, always with love and respect.
I got trained in Learning by Doing and I am currently doing training with Montessori Canela.
It's exciting to see how a child is able to acquire skills and knowledge almost spontaneously when immersed in a prepared, safe and relaxed environment, with an accompaniment that eases learning. In this way I feel like a "facilitator of learning", sensitive and attentive, with a belief as a base: Education is the only solution to change the world.



aina cadaflach elementary collegi creanova el equipo 1Aina Cadafalch
Elementary Tutor.
Graduated in Primary Education, in English, with a postgraduate degree in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). I am the tutor for the Elementary Assembly (4th and 5th grade students).
I am very excited to be part of this great family. A school that adapts to the needs of each child and enhances their creativity, accompanying them, in their personal growth.
As Jean Piaget says, the main objective of education is to create people capable of achieving new goals and not simply repeat what other generations have done. I got trained in Learning by Doing and I am currently doing training with Montessori Canela.
I understand education as the most powerful tool for social transformation and, as teachers, it is our responsibility to put it at your fingertips.


laura serra tutora inici collegi creanova el equipo 1Laura Serra
Reunió Group Tutor.
Graduated in Primary Education, at the UAB, with a certificate of honor in the Practicum and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), after studying Industrial Engineering.
The vision I have gained about education, throughout my professional career has been complemented by Practices at the European School in Brussels. These allowed me to learn about the different pedagogical lines that exist in several countries of the European Union. Also through the collaboration with an orphanage in Turkey to offer a summer camp, where I served as coordinator of the English classes.
I got trained in Learning by Doing and I am currently doing training with Montessori Canela.
Now, at CreaNova, I am the tutor of the Group “Reunió” (students from P3 to Year 1 of Primary) and I carry out workshops and proposals of the area of science, above all. Sometimes, in English. I intend to guide the students to be responsible for their own course and their decisions, taken to the measure of their abilities. I want them to have a full learning, in a prepared, relaxed and respectful environment, where they feel safe for this to be possible.


joan farre coordinator collegi creanova el equipo 1Joan Farre Florensa
Galileu Tutor.
Graduation and Master in Philosophy and Master in Philosophy Didactics, for years I'm devoted to Education and I've been linked to several active education projects.
Polymath in the humanistic sense of the word, learning is my passion and I like to share and spread it. The intellectual restlessness led me to varied experiences at work: freelance translator and proofreader of English, German, Spanish and Catalan in various combinations; entrepreneur; classical music and opera production; guide in an archaeological site; guide and cicerone in English all over the country. My head is full of projects.
Recently incorporated with enthusiasm in the CreaNova project, I intend to participate together with students in the adventure of knowledge and discovery.


li profesor chino collegi creanova el equipo 1Li
Chinese teacher.
I'm very happy to be a member of this great family. I've discovered that many students have a great passion for learning Chinese and I've realized that there are multiple responsibilities as a Chinese teacher. I'm happy to teach and travel together to the Chinese world!
I have a master's degree from the University of Barcelona and a 6-years experience in teaching Chinese. As a mother tongue, it's my advantage.
I hope that, through me, more students will like this language and understand Chinese culture. I also hope that studying Chinese can help students in their future.


ieva jasaite profesora danza collegi creanova el equipo 1Ieva Jasaite
Dance teacher.
I started dancing in Lithuania and continued my formal education in Spain - at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. Being curious and open to new ideas in movement is helping me to choreograph and research new ways of moving.
As one of the most famous dance choreographers Martha Graham said - dance is the hidden language of the soul. I believe that some of us communicate and express themselves better through movement than any other way. Dance has always been my biggest passion therefore I am really happy to share my knowledge and love for movement with CreaNova students.


maria lermos ciencias collegi creanova el equipo 1María Lermos
Science teacher at Middle and High.
Bachelor in Chemical Engineering and Master in Secondary Education, I discovered in CreaNova a space where students are the real protagonists and I love it.
There are infinite interpretations of reality and we can discover all them through the sciences, that's my mission in this exciting project. Guiding High students into science, awakening in them the concern to discover the laws that govern our reality.
Since I was young I've been connected to the world of education. I started in the world of the Scouts that taught me how beautiful it is to educate the next generations, passing through several departments of Engineering where I learned and enjoyed a lot.


cristina prada matematiques collegi creanova el equipo 1Cristina Prada
High and Baccalaureate Maths teacher. ESO Tutor. 
Graduated in Forestry Engineering and Master in Secondary Education and Baccalaureate teaching.
Engineer by profession and teacher by vocation, I'm specialized in innovation and entrepreneurship techniques and I have collaborated in talent development programs with teenagers.
My creative ability led me to collaborate as an author of maths matters for educational publications.
As passionate about Self-based learning ways, serving the student in an integral way through personal and educational development, after 15 years of teaching I found in CreaNova the ideal place to transmit the enthusiasm for science and learning to learn without restraint.


raul fernandez matematiques dibuix tecnic tecnologia collegi creanova el equipo 1Raül Fernàndez Carasa
Mathematics, technical drawing and technology. 1st of Baccalaureate Tutor. 
I like thinking, analysing, reflecting upon anything and every aspect of life. I believe this is how humanity developed all existing knowledges over the years: observing and reflecting on the world around, experimenting and testing to innovate. We must not only observe the knowledge generated by others, but also create our own.
This is what I try to instil in my students during my workshops, facing new and complicated challenges that generate questions and curiosity. Encouraging them to seek the answer by themselves, using all the creativity they can.
Trained in physical sciences and as director of educational leisure activities. Self-trained in educational robotics through experience. Currently collecting bibliography on the traditional board game from around the world. Multifaceted teacher with more than 10 years of experience (from taking a stick to dance Bastoners with children of 6, to statistical analysis, psychometrics and econometrics to 2nd year university students).


irene claver ingles bachillerato collegi creanova el equipo 2Irene Claver
Tutoress 2nd Baccalaureate and Teacher of English and Humanities.
I am a communicator. It is a vocational fact, if the will to live by breathing different languages, ideas and worlds may be defined whatsoever.
That is why my career shows the journalist-writer-teacher-translator I feel within. My CV includes over 20 years' experience in the Media, books on trends, health and psychology, a novel, formation in design and in 8 languages, and also work experience as a certified teacher of English, Spanish and Humanities for youngsters and adults.
I am really excited to be starting off at CreaNova so that I can share my passion, as a teacher of English, and as a tutoress and teacher of Geography in 2nd year of Baccalaureate. As always, I am willing to learn, to help and... to create!


facundo mazzilli educacio fisica collegi creanova el equipo 2Facundo Mazzilli Gabriele
Physical Education Teacher.
Is movement the first way to relate to our environment? Yes, that's it.
Is the human movement the basis of our intelligence?
Are our motor skills what allow us to express ourselves creatively and sensitively to our emotions?
Will our motor competence be the key to the development of new technologies?
These and other issues are what I'd like sharing with students, from knowledge and know how.
My experience as an athlete, coach and fitness coach in sports - as basketball, football, rugby, tennis, swimming, martial arts, going through body expression, even surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding - has allowed me to broaden my vision of the vital importance of movement in our evolution as human beings.
With almost 20 years of experience in physical education and sports, I continue with the same initiative and concern to experience new ways of understanding education.
My training began in my hometown, Mar del Plata, the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires province. Once in Barcelona, I continued my studies at INEFC, I specialized in a Master of High Performance Sports with the Spanish Olympic committee. And with the intention of returning to the formal field of teaching, I have completed a Master's degree in teacher training.
I begin this stage at the CreaNova with so much illusion and I want to be part of this project, in order to share my experience and learn everything that is within my reach.


(+34) 93 252 61 61 9am to 6pm
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