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Multiplatform Applications Development & 3D Maker


Higher Vocational Training in CreaNova - Multiplatform Applications Development & 3D Maker (MAD&3DM)

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The CreaNova school is managed by "CreaNova Concept Group" as an innovative educational center. They lead the project and develop other activities such as Ecological Catering, MakersLab, Mentoring, and other innovative technological projects. "CreaNova Group" belongs to the NEC Foundation, which is a non-profit organization with 15 years of experience in research and application of new educational models.

Our pedagogy, which covers from early childhood to Higher Vocational Training, is based on learning to learn and holistic education considering current social realities, as well as the future ones.


We offer an education that is based on Finnish teaching methods as well as; Learning by Doing, Pestalozzi School, M. Montessori, Emmy Pickler, Reggio Emilia and Self-taught learning. Our educational system puts into practice all learning processes of sensory-motor interactions through practical life, experimentations with sensory materials and real contexts so that students can develop autonomy and personal initiative.


Title: Multiplatform Applications Development (Spanish RD 450/2010, April 16).
Degree: Higher vocational training (Grado Superior). Developing, implementing and maintaining multi-platform computing APPs, Robots, and small machines. / Designing systems and parts using 3D, CNC, and Laser technologies, creating new 3D printers, repair them. / Becoming an inventor and developing ideas. / Creating and managing a small company, conducting a feasibility study of products, production planning, and marketing.
Professional Family: IT and communications.
General Competences: Developing software and hardware, APPs, participating in the design and programming. Testing and documenting the approved specifications and current regulations in accordance with the functional requirements.

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Developing multi-platform applications with access to databases using languages, libraries, and appropriate tools to the specifications.
Developing applications by implementing a complete system of reports that allow managing the stored information in an integral way.
Developing interactive user interfaces with the appropriate usability, using standard visual components or implementing specific visual components.
Developing applications for phones, APPs and other mobile devices using specific development techniques and environments.
Developing multi-threaded applications using libraries and specific programming techniques.
Developing applications capable of offering network services by using communication mechanisms.
Developing custom components for an ERP-CRM system according to your requirements.

Configuring and exploiting computer systems by adapting the logical configuration of the system according to the needs and the established criteria.
Configuring applications to distribute by preparing self-installing packages with built-in wizards.

Applying techniques and procedures related to security in systems, services, and applications, fulfilling their security plan.

Managing databases, interpreting their logical design and verifying the integrity, consistency, security, and accessibility of data.
Managing development environments by adapting their configuration in each case to allow the development and deployment of applications.
Managing the information stored in ERP-CRM systems guaranteeing their integrity.
Managing your professional career, analysing job opportunities, self-employment, and learning.

Integrating graphics and multimedia components into multiplatform applications by using specific tools while complying with the established requirements.
Creating general aids and sensitive to the context by using specific tools and integrating them in their corresponding applications.
Establishing effective ways of professional relationship and communication with superiors, colleagues, and subordinates. Respecting the autonomy and skills of different people.
Leading collective situations that may occur. Mediating personal and labor conflicts. Contributing to the establishment of a pleasant work environment. Acting at all times in a respectful and tolerant manner.
Maintaining the spirit of innovation and updating the scope of their work in order to adapt to the technological and organizational changes of their professional environment.

Participating in developing games and applications in the field of entertainment as well as getting an education on using techniques, engines and specific development environments.
Participating in the implementation of ERP-CRM systems evaluating the usefulness of each of its modules.
Participating actively in economic, social and cultural life, with a critical and responsible attitude.

Designing, assembling and repairing 3D printers, laser, and CNC cutting machines.
Creating and using software for 3D printers, laser cutting machines, and CNC.
Creating tutorials, user manuals, installation, configuration and administration by using specific tools.
Carrying out test plans, verifying the functioning of the developed software components according to the specifications.
Deploying and distributing applications in different areas of implementation by verifying the behaviour and by making the necessary modifications.

Creating and managing a small company, conducting a feasibility study of products, production planning, and marketing.


The transversal skills that are developed in this Cycle, encourage creativity, the resolution of complex problems, both software and hardware level of a technological world, very changing and constantly evolving. Among these capabilities are those of autonomy, innovation, work organization, responsibility, interpersonal relationship, teamwork and problem-solving in FabLab environments, prototyping workshops, design studies ...

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  • Configuring and exploiting computer systems. Creating new APPs related to machines, robots, and other technologies.
  • Analysing security vulnerabilities and verifying systems. Creating new (virtual and real) security tools.
  • Logical database designs, installing and configuring modules and add-ons.
  • Designing and creating virtual environments and video games.
  • Developing multi-platform applications with access to databases and applications that are connected to small machines.
  • Managing and developing management applications.
  • Integrating graphics and multimedia components into multi-platform applications.
  • Designing softwares for 3D printers, laser cutting machines, and CNC.
  • Using programs and developing environments in robots, automation, and home automation.
  • Selecting and using techniques, languages ​​and development environments. Evaluating their possibilities to develop applications in phones and other mobile devices.
  • Creating tutorials, user manuals, and other documents associated with an application.
  • Analysing and applying specific techniques simulating different scenarios in order to develop applications that are capable of offering network services.
  • Recognising the structure of the ERP-CRM systems. Identifying the utility of each of the modules and participating in its implementation.
    Languages ​​and tools to develop custom components in ERP-CRM systems.
  • Identifying technological, organizational, economic changes in their activities. Analysing their implications in the field of work to maintain the spirit of innovation.
  • Recognising business opportunities, identifying and analysing market demands to create and manage a small business.



Professional Courses Duration
Computing systems. 198


Programming. 297
Mark-up languages and information management systems. 99
Development Environments. 66
Data access. 132
Interfaces Development. 99
Multimedia programming and mobile devices. 99
Programming of services and processes. 99
Business management systems. 99
Training and career counselling. 99
Business and Entrepreneurship. 66
Multiplatform applications development project. 99
Formation in work centers. 317




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