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Enterprising E-Commerce


Higher Vocational Training in CreaNova - Enterprising E-Commerce (EEC)

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The CreaNova school is managed by "CreaNova Concept Group" as an innovative educational center. They lead the project and develop other activities such as Ecological Catering, MakersLab, Mentoring, and other innovative technological projects. "CreaNova Group" belongs to the NEC Foundation, which is a non-profit organization with 15 years of experience in research and application of new educational models.

Our pedagogy, which covers from early childhood to Higher Vocational Training, is based on learning to learn and holistic education considering current social realities, as well as the future ones.


We offer an education that is based on Finnish teaching methods as well as; Learning by Doing, Pestalozzi School, M. Montessori, Emmy Pickler, Reggio Emilia and Self-taught learning. Our educational system puts into practice all learning processes of sensory-motor interactions through practical life, experimentations with sensory materials and real contexts so that students can develop autonomy and personal initiative.


Title: Senior technician in international commerce (Spanish RD 1574/2011, 4th of November).
Degree:  Higher vocational training (Grado Superior). Building up a real cooperative company with colleagues. Creation of a start-up company in order to finance your education and professional projects. / Multidisciplinary practices on leading and coordinating / Team Coach.
Professional Family: Commerce and marketing.
General Competences:
+    Providing leadership tools, managing multidisciplinary teams, managing and supervision of international trade operations and purchasing merchandises.
+    Investigation of business opportunities and development of new entrepreneurial business routes that are associated with coworking spaces, start-ups ...
+    Developing marketing strategies, launching products and marketing in virtual platforms.

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Carrying out the necessary steps to start-up a small company with a virtual presence. Planning and managing the financial resources and self-employment. Taking advantage of synergies with other start-ups.

Identifying, analysing and promoting opportunities in international markets besides developing exploitation strategies.

Making decisions on the entrance of a company's products from emerging markets and virtual trading platforms. Selecting the most appropriate product, price, communication and distribution policies for entering these markets.

Preparing a marketing plan. Selecting the basic information, analysing the relationships between the different variables that intervene in the international marketing mix by entering virtual markets.

Identifying and contacting clients and suppliers. Managing international commercial contracts. Controlling and supervising the development and evolution of sales to ensure the performance of the agreed contractual conditions.

Performing the administrative management of import and export operations, sales and distribution in innovative distribution channels.
Carrying out the financial management of the international trade operations. Determining the costs and managing the adequate coverage of risks.
Organizing the storage and managing the distribution channels (suppliers, transport).
Managing payments, guarantees and security of online payments.

Communicating in English fluently in conversation and in writing with all the operators and agencies involved in trade operations.
Communicating in multidisciplinary environments using effective communication skills.

Using the internet and any other digital system as an advertising platform and showcase open to the world that facilitates sales to any national or international customer.
Adapting to new work situations, leading team works and encouraging self-employment.

Resolving situations, problems, and contingencies with initiative and autonomy, with creativity, innovation, and spirit of improvement while encouraging teamwork.

Organising and coordinating teamwork responsibly. Supervising their development. Maintaining fluid relationships and assuming leadership, as well as providing solutions to group conflicts that appear.

Generating safe environments for the development of the work and the team, supervising and applying the prevention procedures of occupational and environmental risks.

Supervising and applying procedures for quality management for universal accessibility and "designing for the whole world".

Participar activament en la vida econòmica, social i cultural del seu entorn.


Other skills such as autonomy, innovation, work organization, responsibility, interpersonal relationship, teamwork and problem solving are also developed within the ECC program.

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  • Knowing and assessing the financial products and sources available (credits, loans and, other financial instruments), as well as possible subsidies. Selecting the most convenient ones for the company, analysing the accounting information and evaluating the costs, risks, requirements and guarantees required by financial entities in order to obtain the necessary financial resources.
  • Preparing commercial reports by applying statistical techniques to the available information in a market information system (MIS). Configuring, obtaining and analysing the necessary information for decision making in the company's commercial activity.
  • Preparing and analysing product policies, price, communication and distribution. Selecting the most appropriate ones and making decisions on accessing foreign markets with these products.
  • Selecting basic information or product briefings. analysing the relationships between the different variables that intervene in the international marketing mix for the marketing plan elaboration.
  • Looking up databases and publications. Using media communication systems by assessing different risk factors to identify and contact customers and suppliers.
  • Participating in different phases that define an international commercial contractual agreement. Making offers. Identifying the international contracting regulations and preparing the necessary documents.
  • Identifying the applicable regulations, the competent organisms and institutions and the procedures. Elaborating the necessary documentation to carry out the administrative management of import and export operations. Introducing and dispatching goods.
  • Obtaining information, managing procedures and filling in the necessary documentation to obtain credits related to import / export operations and international projects. Determining and managing the risks and associated financial costs.
  • Interpreting regulations, identifying procedures and preparing the necessary documentation for project financings and for participating in international competitions and bids.
  • Analysing storage processes and stock management methods applicable in the organization of a warehouse. Evaluating the internal distribution and manipulation of goods. Applying the current regulations on safety and hygiene. Guaranteeing integrity and optimizing the available resources to organize the storage of the goods.
  • Analysing and comparing different transports, costs, physical protection of the goods and documentation of international transit. Proposing alternatives and respecting the regulations that manage the shipment of goods and the transit of travellers in order to plan long-distance routes.
  • Identifying and determining the necessary documents and procedures, interpreting valid legislations in order to manage payments, guarantees, and international guarantees.
  • Managing the relationships derived from international trade both with customers and suppliers, public bodies, national and international banks and all the other operators involved in international operations in English.
  • Using the most characteristic tools of the internet and other digital systems to make the company internationally known. Selling through virtual stores and managing the electronic invoicing of the international sales.
  • Analysing and using information and communication technologies as well as the resources and learning opportunities related to the scientific, technological and organizational evolution of the sector in order to maintain the spirit of updating and adapting to new work and personal environments.
  • Developing creativity and the spirit of innovation in order to respond to the challenges that appear during the process, work environments and personal life.
  • Making decisions by analysing the variables involved. Integrating knowledge from different areas and accepting the risks and the possibilities of making mistakes in these decisions. Facing and resolving different situations, problems or contingencies.
  • Developing leadership techniques, motivation, supervision, and communication in teamwork contexts facilitating the organization and coordination of teamwork.
  • Evaluating situations of occupational risk prevention and environmental protection to ensure safe environments.
  • Identifying and proposing the necessary professional actions to respond to universal accessibility and "design for the whole world".
  • Identifying and applying quality parameters at work and, in activities carried out during the learning process to assess the culture.
  • Using procedures related to entrepreneurial culture, business and professional initiative to perform the basic management of a small business.
  • Recognizing rights and duties as an active agent of society, taking into account the legal framework that regulates social and working conditions in order to participate as a democratic citizen.



Professional Courses Duration (h)
Administrative management of international trade. 231
International financing.


International payment procedures. 99
Economic and financial management of the company. 132
International transport of goods. 132
Storage logistics. 132
International marketing. 99
Information systems of markets. 99
International negotiation. 99
International Digital Commerce. 66
English. 132
Second foreign language. 132
Training and career counselling. 99
International commerce project. 66




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