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High School Dual Diploma



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In the mission to strengthen baccalaureate and deepen multilingualism from school, we recently signed an agreement with Academica Corporation, the leading educational management institution in the United States and leader in virtual education, with more than 180 schools, more than 100,000 students on-site and 10,000 virtual.

Through this agreement, we offer a new extracurricular program of both Spanish and North American baccalaureate for students from 3rd of ESO.


Thanks to this program, our students being in 3º, 4º of ESO and 1º Baccalaureate can be enrolled in our school and simultaneously in a High School in the USA, studying both at the same time.

The program is carried out online. The students must get a total of 6 American credits. Together with the validation of studies at CreaNova, they will obtain the North American High School degree, in addition to the CreaNova one.

There are many values ​​and advantages for students choosing the Dual Diploma High School in CreaNova, and the three most relevant are:

  • Language immersion: whole program is carried out in English and offers constant and direct contact with the USA.
  • Technological Immersion: 100% online, it allows students to work and develop in a future environment, totally digital.
  • Personal immersion: it favours a high level of autonomy, responsibility and maturity in the management of work.

Here below, some informative videos made by students of the Dual Diploma High School:

Col·legi Jesús María Sant Gervasi de Barcelona: 

Col·legi Episcopal de Lleida:  

Fundació Escola Teresiana de Tarragona:  

Escola Padre Damian de Barcelona: 

Colegio la Asunción de Gijón: 

Colegio San Pedro Apóstol de Bilbao: 




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