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3 to 20 years old

Studying each subject in an independent and fragmented way, has no place in CreaNova. Learning occurs transversally at any stage of education through progression of workshops, research projects, presentations and self-corrective exams.


  • Significant learning in mathematics, using abacuses, geogebra and other technological resources.
  • An environment to discover and create written and spoken communications through literature. Book clubs and press writing.
  • Technological creations with their own hands, from small artifacts to robots, which allows students to learn and to design their own code. A laboratory dedicated to creating, robotics and programming.
  • Our own radio managed by the students. Video production and movie theater as a curricular tool in order to create in all areas.
  • A space for physics and chemistry. Biology and natural environments workshops, focused on self-knowledge and knowledge of the surroundings.
  • History and geography workshops with multiple research tools, parallel and connected to the current social reality.
  • English-Catalan-Spanish and French-German. Videoconference room. Languages workshop with manipulative teaching materials and digital resources.
  • Artistic and musical expression with video and sound production. Plastic, clay and paint (Creative Education). Theater and dance.

elementary 3 7 anys collegi creanova

ELEMENTARY 3 to 6 years old:

45 places available, 15 per grade. Learning is based on interests, areas and proposals. Natural language learning, literacy and numeracy. Montessori materials. Individualized emotional accompaniment. Big own outdoor space, with structures that promote motor developments.

elementary 7 11 anys collegi creanova

ELEMENTARY 6 to 11 years old:

100 places available, 20 students per grade. Experiential workshops, individual and group studies. Research materials. Development of creativity through music, dance, painting, sculpture, crafts, carpentry, cooking ... Cultural visits. Weekly assemblies to develop emotional and social intelligence. Continuous assessment.

middle 11 13 anys collegi creanova

MIDDLE 11 to 13 years old:

60 places available, 20 students per grade (two lines at 1st ESO year). Flexibles groups. Learning is based on challenges in Labs, projects and significant learning to strengthen competences. Emotional support for changing a stage and preparation for High

high 13 16 anys collegi creanovaHIGH 13 to 16 years old:

120 places, in two lines of 20 students per grade. Learning through research projects, presentations and workshops that cover each subject of the curricular content. Master classes, personalized training sessions and practical workshops in small format, to expand knowledge. Assemblies as a tool to govern and manage student's own itinerary.

batxillerat 16 18 anys collegi creanova

BACCALAUREATES 16 to 18 years old:

78 places available. 26 for each specialization. CreaNova offers three modalities: Technological Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Performing Arts and Music. Curricular itinerary is oriented to pass PAU certification and Selectivity test through autonomous work and personalized training sessions.

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CreaNova offers two modalities for daring, responsible and curious teenagers who want to change the world. The Higher Vocational Training in Entrepreneurial Online Trading (CEO) is for the development of a real cooperative enterprise and creation of a StartUp. The Higher Vocational Training in Development of Multiplatform Applications & 3D Maker (DAM&3DM), a training cycle accredited by the Department of Education in Development of Multiplatform Applications. 

The educational offer is subject to the organizational changes that the management considers necessary for the proper functioning of the center and based on the applicable regulations, at all times, by the Department of Education, the City Council and / or competent authorities.

Daily Schedules

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(+34) 93 252 61 61 9am to 6pm
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