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English as an important communication resource - and not only as a subject to study - is more and more present in a daily basis for our students of all stages.
In Elementary, up to 10 out of 18 (55%) activities in English, music, arts, the nature and environment, robotics, stories and knowledge of the environment, in addition to some personal records, projects and presentations of the Elementary Assembly, which are presented in English.

In Middle, up to 8 out of 18 (45%) activities in English, music, technology and history, in addition to presentations, projects and exams, which are conducted in English.
In High, up to 15 activities out of 20 (75%) of English, visuals and crafts, ancient history, medieval one and geography, technology, cinema, in addition to presentations and projects, which are studied in English.
In Baccalaureate, up to 9 out of the 15 activities (60%) of English, music, cinema, and some parts of contemporary world history, technical drawing, Arts and its foundations, philosophy, physics, as well as presentations, which are done in English.

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