About CreaNova

Creativity + Innovation = CreaNova

We are a private educational center, managed by CreaNova Concept Group and has 15 years of experience in research and practical application in integral education.

Research indicates the importance of respecting biological processes and decision-making according to the needs of each stage of development so that each student’s potential can flourish during their mental and physical growth throughout their educational endeavours.

Qué es CreaNova - Col·legi CreaNova - Learning by Doing - Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona

Our Pedagogy

We combine Finnish teaching methods of Learning by Doing with contributions of Pestalozzi School, M. Montessori, Emmi Pickler, Reggio Emilia and self-taught learning. Our educational system puts into practice all learning processes of sensory-motor interactions through practical life, experimentations with sensory materials and real contexts so that students can develop autonomy and personal initiative.


Starting from understanding of neurological needs and processes that occur at each stage of development, our pedagogical methodology applies practically the scientific knowledge obtained by these studies. We impart the experiences of Rebeca y Mauricio Wild as well as authors like M. Montessori, E. Pickler, C. Freinet, H. Maturana, A. Stern, D. Goleman, B. Lipton and R. Schank.

Elementary 3-6 and 6-11

Middle 11-13

High 13-16

Baccalaureates 16-18

Our Teaching Staff

Marta Bernabé Bailon

4th of ESO Tutor. High and Baccalaureate Coordinator.

I coordinate the rest of CreaNova’s professionals who are part of the areas of Spanish and Catalan literature, history, geography and philosophy.

Helena García Moya

Inici Group Tutor

“A child, a teacher, a book and a pen can change the world. Education is the only solution”. Enthused every day to be part of this great challenge, I enjoy coordinating this stage.

Laura Settecase

School Counsellor and Tutor. Elementary and Middle Coordinator.

With enthusiasm, I’m tutor in the Middle stage and host the youngs who are no longer children in this transition phase. With empathy, great listening and communication skills.

Deniz Kizilirmak

ESO Tutor and Humanist

My multinational career and multicultural identity taught me to understand the world from a global and cosmopolitan point of view, which I try to transmit to our students.

Laura Patricio

Teacher of Language and Literature at ESO and Baccalaureate

Bachelor of philosophy and English philology, master in literary studies and with an extensive background in literary gatherings, book clubs, as well as in the teaching of foreign languages.

Laura G. García Cassinelli

Performing arts – Sensory language and poetic play

Graduated in Dramatic Art, with a postgraduate degree in theatre applied to education and more than ten years in this practice, I offer students interdisciplinary experimentation workshops.

Marc Carreté


I am a producer, scriptwriter and director, member of the Catalan Film Academy. In CreaNova I offer workshops and activities to Middle, High and Baccalaureate students, with whom I work the audiovisual area.

Jordi Dalmau


My idea is to provide the necessary knowledges to CreaNova students to create their own music and to produce it by themselves, using the technology we all have at our disposal.

Elisabet Fernández

P3 to P5 Tutor

It’s exciting to see how a child is able to acquire skills and knowledge almost spontaneously when immersed in a prepared, safe and relaxed environment, with an accompaniment that eases learning.

Aina Cadafalch

Elementary Tutor

As Jean Piaget says, the main objective of education is to create people capable of achieving new goals and not simply repeat what other generations have done.

Laura Serra

Reunió Group Tutor

I guide students to be responsible for their own course and their decisions, taken to the measure of their abilities. I want them to have a full learning, in a prepared, relaxed and respectful environment.

Joan Farre Florensa

“Galileu” Tutor

Graduation and Master in Philosophy and Master in Philosophy Didactics, for years I’m devoted to Education and I’ve been linked to several active education projects. Learning is my passion.


Chinese teacher

I have a master’s degree from the University of Barcelona and a 6-years experience in teaching Chinese, my mother tongue. A language, a wide culture to transmit to students.

Ieva Jasaite

Dance teacher

I started dancing in Lithuania and continued my formal education in Spain – at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. Being curious and open to new ideas in movement is helping me to choreograph new ways of moving.

José Luís Subías

Business Economics and Geography

In CreaNova I carry out workshops on Geography and Business Economics in 2nd year of high school, always trying to ensure that students learn to reflect and argue on their own a large part of the subject we work on.

Cristina Prada

High and Baccalaureate Maths teacher. ESO Tutor.

Engineer by profession and teacher by vocation, I’m specialized in innovation and entrepreneurship techniques and I have collaborated in talent development programs with teenagers.

Raül Fernàndez Carasa

Mathematics, technical drawing and technology. 1st of Baccalaureate Tutor.

observing and reflecting on the world around, experimenting and testing to innovate. We must not only observe the knowledge generated by others, but also create our own.

Irene Claver

2nd Baccalaureate Tutor and Teacher of English and Humanities

My CV includes over 20 years’ experience in the Media, books on trends, health and psychology, a novel, formation in design and in 8 languages and also work experience as a certified teacher of English, Spanish and Humanities.

Facundo Mazzilli Gabriele

Physical Education Teacher

With almost 20 years of experience in physical education and sports (basketball, football, rugby, tennis, swimming, martial arts, body expression, surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding), I continue with the same initiative and concern to experience new ways of understanding education.